Our Difference

Discover The Difference That Planning With Us Can Make.

Personal Concierge Service

From the initial planning stages until you return home, we will take care of all of the details that go into planning a magical vacation. You will have one dedicated travel planner that handles all of your travel plans from beginning to end. We’ll be here for you every step of the way, managing the planning process, giving you insider tips, and advocating for you when needed.

We Save You Time

Planning a magical Disney vacation requires time. And lots of it!

Leave the task of planning to us. We love it. We will learn what you’re looking for and what your expectations are, and we’ll make your trip even better than you imagined!

Forget about reading 800-page guides to Disney World or sitting on hold for hours; we’ve got you covered. Throughout the planning stage, we’ll e-mail you the important information you need to be prepared for your trip without overwhelming you.  Your complete itinerary plan will ensure you maximize your vacation time while having the most fun.

Magical Expertise & Tips

Benefit from our expertise and first-hand Disney, Universal, cruise, and all-inclusive resort experiences to ensure a truly magical vacation. Although you will work with one dedicated planner for your entire trip, you’ll have an entire team of experienced and dedicated Disney fanatics.

As a D.H.L. Travel client, you will receive our insider tips for that extra bit of magic as well as practical planning advice specific to your vacation destination and travel party.

When booking/planning your trip, we put the same exact love and care into yours that we do with our own personal vacations.


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