Travel Planning Services

Your Next Magical Vacation Awaits.

You’re closer to your next magical vacation! From the initial planning stages until you return home, we take care of all of the details that go into planning a magical vacation. You will have one dedicated travel planner that handles all of your travel plans from beginning to end. We’ll be here for you every step of the way, managing the planning process, giving you insider tips, and advocating for you when needed.

Because of the expertise we offer and great care that we put into every vacation planning process, we do charge a travel planning fee. We offer two different options for this, which we call Economy ($99) and First Class ($149). Economy is our basic planning service, while First Class offers additional beneficial planning perks such as dining reservations, in-depth itineraries, and being more on call during your trip. As a disclaimer: we do not book flights & only plan for the time you arrive and depart from your destination.

Below is more info on each option. First Class is recommended for best value and most in-depth planning. Once you review each one, choose either ECONOMY or FIRST CLASS below and check out securely via PayPal! Once completed, we will begin working on your vacation quote that you will soon receive!

Planning Fee Options


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